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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

The Sauna Experience with Infrared Energy

The Sauna Experience with Infrared Energy

When one thinks of a sauna, the traditional idea is of a  bathhouse out in the snow; with large bearded Finnish men beating each other  with birch branches while loads of steam and smoke billow up around them. This  is a semi-accurate description of the older style of sauna experience, but  times have changed. The [...]

Solar Power Blasts Electricity Bills Away

Solar Power Blasts Electricity Bills Away

Everyone knows the Sun is the number one energy source. In fact, Solar heating has been around for thousands of years, warming up the earth. Now, technology is able to convert this solar energy directly into electric power for your home. In fact, using the sun for energy is not such a new idea. In [...]

Assessing the Energy Efficiency of Window Treatments

Conserving energy is not only beneficial for the environment; it can save you money as well. Installing window treatments that insulate is one of the best ways to make your home more energy efficient. There are many window treatment companies that claim to sell energy efficient products, but some can be more effective than others, [...]

Can the Power Grid Be Replaced?

With all the new advances that are taking place to create renewable power, the possibility of replacing the power grid has been a long talked about possibility.  In fact, with some of the most recent advances in green energy, it is entirely possible that the need for the power grid is no longer a necessity.  [...]

Solar Power at Home, Without Raising the Roof

Most families today are motivated to reduce their global footprint, consume less, use sustainable resources and build homes that incorporate renewable energy practices, such as utilizing solar power. But what if you want to incorporate these practices without having to turn your world upside down? It is possible to make smarter purchases in your life [...]

Do-It-Yourself Tips For Saving Energy this Winter

Spring is just around the corner, but the remaining winter months are cold and pricey. Drafty, inefficient homes hemorrhage heat and waste energy. Matt Lederer, founder of Mahogany Builders, has 10 winterization tips to keep heat in, save money, and get ready for spring, easy enough for any homeowner to complete in an afternoon. Top [...]

Energy Star Program Passes Millionth Home

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has reached a major green home milestone for the Energy Star program by passing the 1 millionth Energy Star qualified home. The program first began labeling homes in 1995 to help save money and protect the environment through energy efficient products and practices. Since the program began labeling new homes [...]

Eco-Friendly Electrical Outlet Makes Saving Energy Simple

In an effort to save energy many of us are unplugging anything that requires electricity when it is not in use. If you’re not unplugging appliances and gadgets when you are not using them, you are wasting energy and resources. If you do not already know, even though an appliance or gadget may not be [...]

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