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Saturday, July 26, 2014

Five Easy Ways to Green Your School

Guest Blog by Kelly Wilson, an editor for Teaching Resource Center. Green is now a primary color in homes and schools around the country. Historically, primary colors have traditionally been red, blue and yellow. But with the growing popularity of living a more “green” lifestyle in our culture, it’s not a surprise that many people [...]

15 Ways to Be Green in College

This guest post is written by Liz Cutten. Liz helps run FindCollegeCards, a student credit card / blog that help hundreds of college students on a daily basis! As a college student, you’re soon going to find out that many students, as well as colleges are going to encourage you to go green. Not only [...]

Another Great Reason to go Green, IRS Extends Huge Tax Credits

For those who are making the effort to conserve and heal our environment for the generations to come, the government is happy to reward you in the form of considerable tax credits. These credits apply if you purchase selected energy-efficient products or install a renewable energy system for your home, and in some cases these [...]

Going Green? Five Books to Get You Started

Going green does not have to be a huge life changing experience, or even very hard at all, but rather, by making smart changes in several different areas of your consumption, you can make enough of a difference in your life to make your “green” changes count.  With all the information that is out there, [...]

Make the Shift to Smart Printing Habits

Overusing printers not only wastes paper, it wastes ink and entails more frequent maintenance than if a “smart” printing system were in place. Smart printing encourages keeping the printing of documents to a minimum for the sake of both our environment and operating costs. Below are several methods by which you can implement smarter printing [...]

Green Habits Everyone Should Have

Everyone knows that being conscious and respectful of our environment is essential in maintaining its wellbeing, as well as our own. How come, then, that so few people actually participate in environmentally friendly practices? One speculation is simply that many people do not know what to do or how to act in order to be [...]

5 Ways To Green Your Day

With the New Year here many people are looking for ways to go green and ways to help current environmental issues. Going green does not mean running out to purchase solar panels, spending a small fortune on eco-friendly products,  or even driving a hybrid car. Living green is no where near as hard as some [...]

Greening Baby: 4 Ways To Raise A Green Baby

New babies not only bring joy but also many changes for families and a great excuse to start going green. As parents want the best or their baby, we often find ourselves looking for products that are healthy to be around our babies, baby proofing our homes, ways to save money and ideas for living a [...]

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