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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Eco Friendly Travel; Green Options For Traveling

Eco Friendly Travel; Green Options For Traveling

Taking good care of our planet by reducing our carbon footprint has become of growing importance for many people. Devotion to this effort doesn’t have to fade during travel. By choosing eco-friendly products and transportation options it is possible to extend your commitment to the Earth while experiencing her beauty away from home. Products and [...]

Sharm El Sheikh Hotels – The Spot For Eco Tourists

Sharm El Sheikh Hotels – The Spot For Eco Tourists

It was reported in Reuters recently that the Egyptian resort of Sharm El Sheikh is intending to cut its carbon emissions over the next decade. This, we understand, is to enable it to target a growing class of eco-tourists. The project is reported to be costing the Egyptian government a tidy $238 million, and will [...]

Overland Travel: a Sustainable Alternative to Flight

The popularity of air travel has led to the formulation of a series of misconceptions related to overland travel. These misconceptions, mainly relating to the complexity and cost of flightless travel have historically stunted the growth of more sustainable travel alternatives, but recently we have seen a shift towards flightless travel. The reason I first [...]

Understanding the Concept of Green Travel

“Green Travel” has become a much talked about subject with the Divisions for Sustainable Development. This is nothing more than a list of eco-friendly reminders, tips, and strategies that are being implemented with the divisions of sustainable development. Green Travel is based around what is known as “Sustainable Tourism.” Essentially what this is doing is [...]

Eco Family Vacation Sweepstakes

The Lodge at Chaa Creek, Belize’s award-winning family vacation destination in the jungles of Central America, is offering free all inclusive holidays to the lucky winners of their Family Vacation Sweepstakes. Chaa Creek Inland Expeditions caters to the traveler looking for both physical and intellectual challenges, with programs and activities designed to stimulate interest in [...]