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Monday, September 1, 2014

Teach Your Toddler to Be Eco-Conscious and Recycle

Teach Your Toddler to Be Eco-Conscious and Recycle

You’ve probably heard that it’s never too soon to start teaching kids environmentally friendly habits, but how can you make them eco-conscious when they’re only just learning to talk?  The truth is that most kids start picking up lifelong habits at a very young age, so starting them off on the right (carbon-free) foot is [...]

Keeping the World Safe for our Children

Keeping the World Safe for our Children

A mother’s top priority is to keep her child safe. She will do all in her power to make sure her child is healthy and is kept out of harm’s way. However, what good is that if her child has no ability to stay safe? Every year the damage and pollution we do to the [...]

{Eco Crafts} Let There Be Flowers Craft Project

{Eco Crafts} Let There Be Flowers Craft Project

Summer is here and beautiful flowers are at bloom all over the world! While the kids are out of school this summer there is no better way to keep them entertained than with some fun crafts! Here is a new super cute upcycled toilet paper roll (or paper towel roll) craft project where we recycle [...]

New Certified Sex Toy Recycling Program

If your anything like me, hearing there is a new sex toy recycling program comes as a shock. Scarlet Girl, an adult retailer, launched the new program May 1, 2010 in an effort to helps to reduce the amount of plastics and electronics that end up in landfills. The company offers consumers a way to [...]

One piece of rubbish, it can’t hurt that much!

Rubbish is the bane of our environment. Damaging everything around is something that all of us generate, no matter how much we recycle or do our bit to look after the environment. Have you ever really thought about what happens to all of that Garbage? Rubbish or Garbage, is generated in mass amounts by families [...]

{Eco Crafts} Recycled Can Flower Pot

Another Eco-friendly Craft Project With Laurie If you have tin cans in the recycle bin, it’s time to grab a few for this weeks UpCycled craft project! A tin can, old catalog or similar, a little creativity, and a go-green thumb all you’ll need. Not only will we be recycling, we’ll be creating new life, [...]

{Eco Crafts} Upcycled Egg Carton Craft Project

Sunday has been the family fun day in our home for the last 10 years or so. After 10 years of doing about everything you can think of I am always on the hunt for new fun eco-friendly projects all five of my children can enjoy. Needless to say, I am always on the hunt [...]

Recycle Your Plastic Easter Eggs Into Family Fun

Today was a family day here in beautiful SE Georgia and I decided to take the kids on an Easter Egg hunt. I knew when we left that the eggs we would be collecting would more than likely be plastic. A “green no-no”, but I did not want my children to miss out on the [...]

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