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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Home-made organic baby food vs commercial baby foods

As a new parent searching for the right baby food or an experienced parent looking to make the healthiest decisions, selecting the right baby foods can lead to life long healthy eating habits and overall nutrition. When it comes to baby food, do you think all baby foods are created equally? Many think so, however [...]

Eco-Friendly Baby Wipes Debut

Bottoms Up, Inc. has announced the debut of Bottoms Up Baby Wipes – a cloth baby wipes “kit” that is not only better for baby, but is better for the environment and less costly than disposable baby wipes. Bottoms Up Baby Wipes are the eco-friendly, green way to clean your baby’s bottom. The wipes are [...]

New Line of Eco-Friendly Diapers For SproutBaby.com

SproutBaby.com, an online baby product store featuring environmentally conscious products, has added biodegradable, disposable and reusable cloth diaper lines to their line of green baby products . The new diapers are available in a disposable biodegradable option and also cloth.

Greening Baby: 4 Ways To Raise A Green Baby

New babies not only bring joy but also many changes for families and a great excuse to start going green. As parents want the best or their baby, we often find ourselves looking for products that are healthy to be around our babies, baby proofing our homes, ways to save money and ideas for living a [...]

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