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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Why Every Parent Should Invest In Eco-Friendly Toys

These days, each household has a unique collection of toys for its resident children to play with. Since toys are an excellent and stimulated distraction for children of all ages, it is protocol for the majority of parents to buy toys that their children want, which are usually the newest and latest toys on the [...]

Modern Wooden Trike For The Green Sprout

How cute is this Wooden Trike? I just so happen to stumble upon it today while looking for a new trike for my “green sprout”. I instantly fell in love with the whimsical design and environmentally-friendly materials used to create this modern children’s bike. Children can maneuver this well designed children’s pedal toy around which [...]

Eco-friendly cardboard toys that inspire creative play

When I think about the creative eco-friendly toys from cardboardesign®, it reminds me of my own childhood days of pretend play. I remember creating play tents with my friends andboxed cars that kept us all entertained for hours. The same memories of childhood play were in mind when NY based company, cardboardesign®, created their line [...]

Teach Kids to be Green with Respect the Earth Flash Cards

Any parents looking for ways to help teach environmental awareness to the little ones, will find the Respect the Earth Flash Cards a great tool. Friendly animals show simple ways to reduce, reuse and recycle in a way children understand. The simple illustrations deliver with a simple yet powerful suggestion fit for a child to [...]

Organic Teddy Bear Promotes Babywearing

A new stuffed animal made of organic cotton for children that promotes babywearing, is the newest addition to NAP, Inc.’s product line-up. This adorable eco-friendly bear is perfect for children 3 years and older who love being worn by mom or children who see mom wearing a baby. The eyes, nose and mouth are embroidered, [...]

Educational & fun natural baby toys

When it comes to baby toys, it is important to remember natural and eco-friendly baby toys are the safest! Wooden baby toys and organic baby toys are among the popular educational toys for babies. Since natural toys and wooden baby toys are non-toxic and contains no PVC, these toys are the safest for baby and [...]