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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Modern Eco-friendly Roh Crib from Spot on Square

A truly eco-friendly modern nursery is topped off with the beauty from the Roh Crib from Spot On Square. The eco-friendly Roh Crib from is unabashedly modern, presenting the warm hues of locally sourced walnut with panels of durable, half-inch, clear acrylic (BPA and Phthalate-free) to give baby a “room with a view.” This baby [...]

Top Rated Eco Friendly Baby Gifts

Whether you are looking for a baby gift for a baby shower, holiday gift or just looking for something special for the little one, there are lots of environmentally friendly products on the market. Eco-friendly baby gifts range in price from $10 and up, so you can find gifts within any budget. Part of raising [...]

Green Decorating: Lime & Chocolate Nursery

Who said modern could not been eco-friendly? It can, and today I have put together a really fun lime green and chocolate eco-friendly nursery. This nursery is fun, eco-friendly and a great way for any parent to show off their modern side! Designed with recycled art, recovered wood fibers and organic crib bedding, this is [...]

Educational & fun natural baby toys

When it comes to baby toys, it is important to remember natural and eco-friendly baby toys are the safest! Wooden baby toys and organic baby toys are among the popular educational toys for babies. Since natural toys and wooden baby toys are non-toxic and contains no PVC, these toys are the safest for baby and [...]