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Friday, August 22, 2014

Eco Festivals That Need to Clean Up Their Acts

Eco Festivals That Need to Clean Up Their Acts

Considering that festivals as events normally take place in a field, most festivals are far from ‘green’ in their operation. Emissions generated from revelers traveling to and from the site, mounds of rubbish left behind and the onsite diesel generators, means that although a green ideology exists in principle, the reality is different. The carbon [...]

Urban Farming – The Answer to Both Economists and Environmentalists

Urban Farming – The Answer to Both Economists and Environmentalists

Otherwise known as ‘Vertical farms’, this agricultural method is on its way to taking the world by storm. The idea of urban farming is not a new one. In fact, it had been proposed in 1984 to convert abandoned warehouses into modern, hydroponic farms. In the following years, city farming slowly sprouted in the form [...]

EPA Trys To Regulate Industrial Greenhouse Gases

Today the Environmental Protection Agency, in an effort to limit emissions blamed for environmental global warming, is trying to regular greenhouse gases. This step will work to control air pollution from factories, large power plants and oil refineries. These plants and factories are huge greenhouse gas emitters, and it needs to be stopped or these [...]

Free Eco-Friendly Gardening Do-it-Herself Workshop Featuring Martha Stewart Living

Ladies, mark your calendars for Thursday, June 3, 2010 from 7 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.! Home Depot is hosting the free eco-gardening workshop at stores across the US featuring Martha Stewart Living! Learn how to make your gardening green! Register Here Register for the FREE 90-minute Do-It-Herself workshop. This workshop will cover the following topics [...]

Sustainable Development: What Lies Ahead?

Sustainable Development: What Lies Ahead?

Article provided by Stuart W. Rose, Ph.D.- Developer, Garden Atriums 15 years ago, I saw that “Sustainability” would be a huge issue that wasn’t going away. So I decided to utilize my professional skills as an architect and housing developer, and create a sustainable living model.  I’d hoped to find some way to make existing communities [...]

Endangered Species Day- A Great Time to Get Involved!

Endangered Species Day is always the third Friday in May, and it is a way for people of all ages to learn ways that they can help to keep our plants and animal species from disappearing forever. If we all try to protect our wildlife and plants now, we will have a legacy to leave [...]

The Power Of Working In Numbers For A Green Cause

Ask anyone what the secret of being a successful advocate for a cause is and chances are that the majority will say having great numbers. Making the difference in your community, regardless of how big or small, is much easier when you have a large number of volunteers on your side, especially when that difference [...]

Plastic Bag Facts; The Scoop On Plastic

Plastic shopping bags pose an enormous impact on the environment and its inhabitants, when not recycled. Of all the polluters our planet crosses daily, plastic bags should be considered lethal and banned. The issue with plastic bags is the fact when they are not recycled they end up in the throats & stomach of wildlife, [...]

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