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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Your Dream (Green) Kitchen

Your Dream (Green) Kitchen

If you’re a lover of all things recycled, renewable, sustainable, and generally eco-friendly, you probably already have a plethora of green items incorporated into your daily routine, from simple alternatives like recycling bins and organic cotton clothing to options like solar panels that require a little more devotion to the cause.  But if you are [...]

Green Decorating: Eco Friendly Kitchen Decor

Looking for a quick eco kitchen make-over? You do not have to re-design your entire kitchen for a fresh new green look. Adding eco-friendly kitchen decor and accessories can make a dramatic change in any kitchen. Adding new placemats, new lamp shade, a new wood tray or new recycled glass tableware can give any kitchen [...]

Eco-friendly pure glass countertop

I am always looking for new ways to green our home and on the look-out for eco friendly products. The last few weeks I have been cosidering new kitchen countertops and have been doing research on different kitchen countertop options. After looking at recycled glass countertops, concrete countertops and pure glass countertops, I have decided [...]