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Friday, August 29, 2014

5 “Green” Tips for a Kids’ Bathroom

5 “Green” Tips for a Kids’ Bathroom

While most parents want to keep their child’s bathroom from turning green, there are some ways that you turn an ordinary bathroom into an eco-friendly “green” one.  If harsh chemicals and artificial odors are not something that you want in your child’s bathroom, that is understandable.  Try one of the five tips below to help [...]

Remodeling Your Bathroom With Reclaimed Materials

Remodeling Your Bathroom With Reclaimed Materials

Everything that’s old will eventually be “new” again, because style comes and goes in a cyclical way. If it’s time to update your home, you can use salvaged or recycled materials for an eco-bathroom touch. From old sinks to shelving made from reclaimed wood, using repurposed materials is both cost-effective and good for the environment. [...]

Bathroom Make-Over with Recycled Glass Tiles

Eco-friendly bathroom decorating is made easy with Modwalls® eco-friendly Viridian™ recycled glass tiles. These recycled glass tiles are super stylish and made of 98% recycled material, making it a green choice for a bathroom project! Derived from reclaimed glass building windows and manufacturing pieces from windows and windshields. As seen in the showers of the [...]

Bamboo bathroom accessories

With the recent talk on ways to green different rooms in our home, we posted 5 ways to green a bathroom. Today lets showcase some eco-friendly bathroom accessories to help you accessorize the bathroom with style while being environmentally conscious.

5 Ways to Green the Bathroom

With bathroom water use and toxic chemical use, turning your bathroom into an eco area can be the perfect starting point for a green home. The water usage in the bathroom and cleaning chemicals found in most bathrooms are the easiest tasks to tackle in an effort to green the bathroom. Here are 5 great [...]