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Friday, August 22, 2014

Modern Rugs to Accent Your Eco-Friendly Decor

Modern Rugs to Accent Your Eco-Friendly Decor

Decorating is one of my major passions and I am always re-arranging my home, changing out decor and looking for ways to change my rooms up for a fresh feel. When we put our bamboo floors down, the livingroom instantly took on a new look. With the new look however, came cold floors. There is [...]

Phoenix Artist Recycles Junk Mail Into Art

Arizona-based Artist, Sandhi Schimmel Gold, knows all to well about the amount of paper waste thrown away yearly. She is using her artist talents to turn advertising ephemera, menus and greeting cards into modern eco-friendly fine art. The art uses water-based, acid-free, non-toxic materials and upcycled junk mail the artist collects. With a variety of [...]

Eco-friendly Bathroom Furniture by Waterfall

Shown with China Red panels, Mahogany veneer, and WETMARâ„¢ countertop Inspired design, 14 color options, and eco-friendly building materials make Waterfall a beautiful choice for bathroom vanities. The waterfall vanities are available in several styles and all are beautifully crafted! Lucy Price, an award-winning residential and commercial interior designer, created Waterfall because of the complete [...]

5 Tips for Eco-Friendly Decorating on A Budget

If you are looking for eco-friendly decorating ideas that will not break the bank, you’re in luck! Green decorating does not have to be expensive, in fact many eco designers are opting for less expensive decorating ideas to save you money and create an eco-friendly home. While some eco-friendly decorating items may be on the [...]

{Eco Decor} Reclaimed Wood Vases

The chestnut wood vases would make the perfect eco-friendly accent to a coffee table or make a stunning dining room table centerpiece! With deep grooves and soaring vertical lines, these handsome chestnut wood vases echo the natural beauty and presence of a tree in a forest. Handmade by Walter Jacobus, these 100% reclaimed downed tree [...]

Modern Eco-Decor Wall Art

Eco friendly Modern Wall Art That Will Accent Modern Decor! Finding eco decor can be a real task for someone who wants wall decor that is trendy, modern and eco-friendly! Go Green Street has managed to get out on the eco decor hunt and find 5 amazing stretched canvases that are modern, trendy and eco-friendly!

Eco-Friendly Green Culture Rugs

I was on the hunt today for a rug for my living room. WE have bamboo floors and I needed a nice natural rug for my living room. I came across Green Culture, which is an amazing eco company offering many different Eco-Friendly goods for the home. All of their rugs are designed or manufactured [...]